What's the WOD?
Movement Index
3-Position Clean
3-Stop Clean Pull
3-Stop Snatch Pull
Air Squats
Back Extensions
Back Squats
Ball Slams
Barbell Carry
Batwing Rows
Bear Complex
Bent Over Row
Box Jumps
Broad Jump
Burpee Broad Jumps
Calorie Row
Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
Clean and Jerk
Clean Complex
Clean Deadlift
Clean Pull
Double Unders
Drop Snatch
Dumbbell Hang Cleans
Dumbbell Lunges
Dumbbell Snatches
Farmers Carry
Flutter Kicks
Front Squats
GHD Sit-Ups
Goblet Squats
Good Mornings
Hand Release Push-Ups
Handstand Hold
Handstand Push-Ups
Hang Clean and Jerks
Hang Cleans
Hang Power Clean
Hang Power Snatches
Hang Snatches
High Hang Clean
High Hang Snatch
Hip Extensions
Hollow Holds
Inverted Row
Jack Knife
Jumping Pull-Ups
Kettlebell Row
Kettlebell Snatch
Kettlebell Swings
Knees to Elbow
Low Hang Clean
Low Hang Snatch
Lunge Jumps
Med Ball Squat Cleans
Med Ball Throws
Muscle Snatch
Muscle-Up Transitions
Muscle Ups
Overhead Lunges
Overhead Squats
Overhead Walking Lunges
Pendlay Row
Power Clean
Power Snatch
Power Position Clean
Power Position Snatch
Prowler Push
Push Jerk
Push Press
Renegade Rows
Reverse Hypers
Ring Dips
Ring Holds
Ring Push-Ups
Ring Rows
Romanian Deadlift
Seated Box Jumps
Shoulder to Overhead
Slam Ball Throws
Sled Drag
Sled Push
Snatch Balance
Snatch Complex
Snatch Deadlift
Snatch From Blocks
Snatch Grip Push Press
Snatch Pull
Split Jerk
Split Jumps
Split Press
Squat Jerk
Squat Jumps
Stone to Shoulder
Strict Press
Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Toes to Bar
Tempo Front Squats
Turkish Get-Ups
Wall Balls
Wall Sits
Walking Lunges
Yoke Push
My PRs
Snatch: 105#
Power Snatch: 90#
Hang Snatch: 100#
Clean: 135#
Power Clean: 125#
Hang Clean: 120#
Clean and Jerk: 115#
Hang Clean + Jerk: 120#
Squat Jerk: 115#
Split Jerk: 110#
Push Jerk: 125#
Strict Press: 70#
Push Press: 90#
Bench Press: 70#
Back Squat: 180#
Front Squat: 150#
Deadlift: 185#

April 19, 2014: Open Gym

        High-Hang Snatch
        Hang Snatch
        - "Full" Snatch

Did some “light weight” work. I started with high hang, then tried to get into the high hang from the hang. When I was comfortable transitioning between those two I started from the ground. And everything was going well. I wanted to go heavier! I kinda went up to 90#. Oops. It’s so hard to stay light! But I’m making contact with the bar now! Yay! At least at light weights. We’ll see what happens when I go heavy. I mean, I’m still going to work on this. I need to get my body used to moving that way. It’s so exciting! 

Flight Simulator:
For Time: 
5 Unbroken Double Unders
10 Unbroken Double Unders
15 Unbroken Double Unders
20 Unbroken Double Unders
25 Unbroken Double Unders
30 Unbroken Double Unders
35 Unbroken Double Unders
40 Unbroken Double Unders
45 Unbroken Double Unders
50 Unbroken Double Unders
45 Unbroken Double Unders
40 Unbroken Double Unders
35 Unbroken Double Unders
30 Unbroken Double Unders
25 Unbroken Double Unders
20 Unbroken Double Unders
15 Unbroken Double Unders
10 Unbroken Double Unders
5 Unbroken Double Unders
*rope must stop completely between sets* 

My Time:12:50

Let’s appreciate the fact that I took 10:49 off of my previous time (December 2). Yup! That’s how much my double unders have improved! Skipped up a few times. On the set of 35 going down, I got 34 twice. All in my head. That’s the only real trouble I had. One set (I forget which one) I skipped up right in the beginning. So that wasted hardly any time. And I think the first set of 10 I skipped up, too. But that’s just dumb. Obviously not because I was tired. But I got the higher sets on the first tries! Like, the 50. Last time I was afraid I’d never make it. I kept missing, what was it? The 50 I think! (I’m looking at my previous post now LOL). So excited about this.

On a totally unrelated note, Olympic Coach’s girlfriend told me I’m her favorite person to watch because I’m so good at everything! Like, how nice is that!? Makes me feel good. She says my form is awesome and my double unders are great. So sweet! Totally made my day! :)

Also, it’s that time of year when the guys start taking their shirts off. Hey, I’m not complaining…

April 18, 2014

Box Jumps:
3 x Max Effort @ 30”

My Sets: 6 - 6 - 10

Not “max effort.” Not “worth it.” My shins would hate me. Yeah, I did 30”. It was so scary. Like I never want to rip my shin again. Living in fear. I need to man the fuck up. Also, things to work on: (1) using my arms more; (2) getting my knees higher. That is all.

1 x 5 @ 50% (95#)
1 x 3 @ 60% (110#)
1 x 1 @ 70% (130#)
AMRAP @ 75% (140#)

My AMRAP Reps:22 reps

Probably could have banged a few more out. But that’s okay. Wouldn’t have even made it past 15 if mah coach wasn’t being motivational and shit. 

For Time:
5 Rounds 
12 Deadlifts 105#
9 Hang Power Cleans 105#
6 Push Jerks 105#

My Time:15:29

Wah. For sure could have completed it at 105#. But at what cost? Coach says go down, I go down. LOL I can’t even deal with what I just said.. Anyways… so yeah, did 95#. The push jerks were the killer. But I did it. Like a boss.

Muscle-Up Transitions
        medium-thickness green band
Squat Jerk
        Jerk Balances/Drop Jerks
        - Light squat jerks
        Drop Snatch/Snatch Balance
        High-Hang Snatch

Literally spent an hour and a half after class in open gym just bullshitting. So much fun! Did a few muscle-up transitions. Need to work on the dip part. Strength-wise and technique-wise. Technique, I need to turn the rings out more. Also, use my hips. Yeah. One of the coaches, who I just met for the first time today, who is also the olympic lifting coach, helped me out with them. Gave me some things to work on. So that’s exciting!

Squat jerk. Yeah, the jerk balances are so much fun! It’s so weird, because when I was doing the “drop jerks” (I’m not sure if that’s an actual thing?) I was actually able to get under more weight than when I did the drop snatch and/or snatch balance. So, this makes no sense. I worked up to 95#, I think. For the jerk balance. Behind the neck movements like this are my calling. So much fun. I really need to work on not coming up onto my toes. It’s like a natural occurrence for me. No more!

Snatch. Yeah. Did some light drop snatches at 65#, then I think I went to 75# and did some snatch balances. Or something. But yeah, then I was trying to work on hitting the positions right. At 65#. So, starting from the ground. And Olympic Coach (see above) was helping me out. He says my back angle never really changes. So, when I go from hang to high-hang, I’m not really changing my back angle? Like, I guess I never really hit the high-hang position. So I did some high hang snatches. And he watched and helped. I went up to 85#. It’s amazing how much easier heavier weights are becoming for me. Yet I still can’t PR on my snatch. Wah. Also, another thing. I need to keep my chest up! Such a major problem.

Today was so much fun! I went to a night class for the first time ever and then did some open gym! This will be my weekly Friday ritual. Yay I’m so excited! Boo boo :).

April 17, 2014

4 x 150m

So, it was supposed to be 300m, but everyone was confused about how one of the coaches mapped it out. So I’m almost positive it was only 150m. Went by too fast to be a 300m run. So, yeah. We sprinted a 150m, then jogged back. Repeat 4 times total. YOLO.

30 Minutes:
Snatch + Clean and Jerk Technique

I don’t even want to talk about how fun this was. I did drop snatches (MY FAVORITE!). OMG I love them so much! And I got to do them to practice squat jerking too. But with clean grip, obviously. Well it was really a jerk balance. Dip, drive, drop. We also did snatch and clean deadlifts with pauses 2 inches above the ground, right below the knee, and high hang. And other stuff. Snatch pulls. Yeah. You get the idea. SO MUCH FUN.

For Time:
0.5 Mile Airdyne
50 Burpees

My Time:DNE

Time does not exist.

April 16, 2014

Strict Press:
1 x 5 @ 50% (35#)
1 x 3 @ 60% (45#)
1 x 1 @ 70% (50#)
AMRAP @ 75% (55#)

My AMRAP Reps:5

Yay strict press! Actually went until failure for the AMRAP. Tried for 6, but obviously failed.

For Time: 
21 - 15 - 9
Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
Kettlebell Snatch 25#
*400m run after each round*

My Time: 18:32

Yay I did chest-to-bars! I can’t lie, some of the reps were questionable. AKA they were no-reps. I tried to correct some of them, but there were still some. Don’t get me wrong, most were good. My chest hits the bar so much better now! Even though my time is shitty, I really don’t even care. I am SO happy I can do chest-to-bar pull-ups now. They still need work, but I can do them! I kind of lose my momentum coming back down. I’m not sure why. But sometimes when I try to connect, and I go into the next one, my whole body is behind the bar, and it’s really weird. I’ll fix it. The kettlebell snatches were 11-10, then 7-8, and 5-4. All left then right. So I really did one more on my left side. Coach makes fun of me because I always have to be even, but I didn’t do it this time! He’s all.. “is that why you squat jerk?” LOL I just don’t want to gain on one side! Has to be even. </storytime>

April 15, 2014

Back Squat:
1 x 5 @ 50% (90#)
1 x 3 @ 60% (110#)
1 x 1 @ 70% (125#)
AMRAP @ 75% (135#)

My AMRAP Reps:14

I know I could have gotten at least 20 in the AMRAP. Did I? No. My form was going, and I was just like… no. No doubt in my mind I could have gotten 20. My 20 rep max back squat was 130#. But I never failed at any weight, so it’s not really a “true” max. Whatever.

For Time:
1000m Row

My Time:4:18.6

Still didn’t beat my PR (July 26). I don’t know. My pace was good in the beginning. Under the pace boat, but I died a little. As usual. Wah. I guess my sprint rowing has improved a LOT more than my distance rowing. Distance is so freaking mental I can’t even take it. Let me sprint as fast as possible to get it over with, please. That’s how I like it. Winky face. 

For Time:
50 - 40 - 30 - 20 - 10
Double Unders

My Time:7:02

Yay! Beat my PR from December 31 by 27 seconds! That’s the exciting part. Would have been nice to get under 7:00. Just annoying because I was so close. I need to learn to be happier with my accomplishments instead of always thinking I could have done better. I did my best! All of the double unders were UNBROKEN! Yes! My double unders are finally where I want them to be, dude. I’m actually so excited about that. I rarely ever skip up on the rope anymore. Ahhhhh. The feels. Life is good.

Need to work on getting my sit-ups faster, too. They really set me back. They’re fast in the beginning, then I just die. I mean, I never stop, I just get slower. It’s just like, wah.

Also, have to say, Annie is probably one of my favorite workouts. I will never be disappointed to see it on the board. Ever. I love it. 

April 14, 2014

Ring Push-Ups:
5 x 5

Cannot believe I did this. They’re actually not too much harder than regular push-ups? If I was doing them right lol! I’m not sure. I got my shoulders down to the rings. Like a ring dip. So, is that good? I’m not sure if I was supposed to go lower. Or if I even could.

Bench Press:
1 x 5 @ 50% (45#)
1 x 3 @ 60% (55#)
1 x 1 @ 70% (65#)
AMRAP @ 75% (70#)

My AMRAP Reps:1

LOL. Sorry this is funny. I don’t know my percentages, so this is all just really hard. I tried the AMRAP for 80# then 75#. Then 70#. It’s just so weird because the 65# was way easy. I don’t know what happened.

20 Minute AMRAP:
20 Ball Slams 30#
200m Run with Slam Ball 30#
20 Slam Ball Cleans 30#

My Score:3 + 100m

Dude, this wasn’t fun. Okay, it was fun. The slam ball cleans were THE BEST. I like med ball cleans, and all that crap. I feel like I use my hips more than with a bar. Oh, also, same shit.. full cleans. You know the drill. The runs I basically did halfway on each shoulder. Like, the running didn’t get me as tired as I thought it would (I was basically jogging at the slowest pace possible), but my shoulders were burning from holding the ball. It was really good. “Don’t compare yourself to others,” but a lot of people were walking. That just wasn’t even an option for me. No walking. And I actually did well on the ball slams today. They were easier than usual. It usually feels so heavy. But not as heavy today. So yay!

more yoga.. #quittingcrossfit #loljk #workinprogress #flexible #yolo

yoga bullshitting. this shit is no joke. not perf but YOLO #boredlife #yoga #crossfitter

April 13, 2014

For Time:
5 Rounds 
200m Run
10 Air Squats
5 Push-Ups

My Time:10:15

Went to my track in town today. It was supposed to be 10 push-ups, but I’m just not there yet. Needed to get some sort of workout in. If not I get a build-up of anxiety. My life. I just feel better the days I do something. So glad I got a little something in. Also, happy I got to do real push-ups in a workout. That was the main reason I chose this one. I looked at a few online. But I needed to run (I was at the track), and I wanted to do push-ups. Still have some work to do on them, but it was good.

April 11, 2014

Rope Pulls:
x 4
*150m row in between each*

Basically, the scale for rope climbs is what this was. It’s actually harder (more arm strength) than a regular rope climb. Interesting. Also, did 3 rows. Just in between each rope pull. Actually don’t even know why I’m writing this. It was kind of a warm-up.

1 x 5 @ 55% (105#)
1 x 5 @ 60% (110#)
3 x 10 @ 65% (120#)

Fun times. Tried to work on keeping the bar close. Coaches said I was doing well, so that’s good. Usually the bar is kinda far away from my body.

For Time:
4 Rounds 
5 Snatches 75#
500m Row
3 Rope Climbs 13’

My Time:22:17

"Full" snatches. Wah. The row was supposed to be a 400m run, but I was allowed to row due to shin splint. Yeah, that’s right. Just one. It’s getting better though. So I’ll probably be good to go for the next running day. I’m not sure how high the ropes are in my gym. I feel like I know they’re 13’ for some reason. Did someone tell me this one time? I’m not sure, but that’s what I’m putting. I’m getting good at them, seriously. Like doing more consistently. There was a time when even one in a WOD was the death of me. I’m so not there anymore.

Not For Time:
4.5 Mile Bike Ride

Just went for a ride around my house with my sister. Leisurely. Not a sprint or anything. The weather is amazing today. My legs were burning so bad, though, seriously. Like they were tired burning. Not just from riding. You know? Like they were burning from the beginning. Tired legs makes Ashley sad. It’s okay. Rest day tomorrow. 

April 10, 2014

Row Sprints: 
5 x 200m

My Times:0:45 - 0:48 - 0:47 - 0:48 - 0:48

My hip muscles were burning doing this for some reason. I don’t understand. Never happened before when I was rowing. But either way, kept my pace under 2:00 every time! Such a big rowing accomplishment being able to row under 2:00 consistently. Yay me!

30 Minute AMRAP:
10 Air Squats
9 Sit-Ups
8 Pistols (4 each leg)
        over-scaled:Weighted Kettlebell Pistols 18#
7 Ring Dips
        scaled:thin blue band
6 Squat Jumps
5 Ring Rows
4 Lunge Jumps (2 each leg) 
3 Handstand Push-Ups
2 Wall Balls 20#
1 Muscle-Up
        scaled:3 Strict Pull-Ups (thin red band) 
- then - 
20 Burpees

My Score:6 + 49

So, this was supposed to be 10 rounds. But it was kind of a 30:00 cap. So, I mean, it was basically a 30 minute AMRAP. So excited about the weighted pistols. I don’t even know the last time I struggled to do a pistol. Really, never. Excluding the times before I couldn’t do them. But once I got them, I never really had trouble. So it was really good with a little weight. Had a few no-reps. And some I really felt like I was pushing to stand back up. So I’m really excited. Really excited. I held the kettlebell in the front rack, like on my shoulder. I switched for every rep. Alternating. I don’t know, I tried holding it in front, but it was just awkward. Maybe I need to play with it, because holding it in the front would save time. The ring dips, the blue band felt too easy. I need to try real ring dips one day. Like, for the WOD, real ring dips may have been to hard (I’m not sure. I don’t know where my ring dips are), but the blue band was easy. Like I felt like it was bouncing me back up. Which isn’t good. I’m getting too strong for my own good. Somebody save me from myself!

April 8, 2014

Slam Ball Throws: 
Side Throws: 1 x 8 (4 each side)
Front Squat Throws: 1 x 10

Side throws, I faced sideways and I guess kind of shot-putted the ball. Front squat throws were one front squat, then squat again to gain momentum and throw forward.

Back Squat: 
1 x 5 @ 55% (100#)
1 x 5 @ 60% (110#)
3 x 10 @ 65% (115#)

I’m so weak.

13 Minute AMRAP: 
Clean Hang Clean Jerk @ 60% of 1 Rep Max Clean and Jerk
EMOM:3 burpees

My Weight:75#
My Score:22 reps

This is so much harder than it seems. I definitely underestimated this workout. It was so good, though. I started with above-the-knee hang cleans. Then in the last few minutes I decided to do power position. It was so much easier. And faster. Pretty sure one time I didn’t even use momentum. Just got under the bar. Oh, and all cleans were FULL. No power or muscle cleans allowed. I always feel weird saying the “full” movement. Because “clean” and “snatch” really mean the full movement. But how else am I supposed to clarify what the WOD was? So YOLO. Deal with it.

April 7, 2014

Broad Jump For Distance:
x 10

Got about 6 feet each time. Sometimes a little bit more. Need to start low and pick my feet up more.

Bench Press:
1 x 5 @ 55% (35#)
1 x 5 @ 60% (50#)
2 x 10 @ 65% (55#)
1 x 10+ @ 65% (55#)

10+ Reps:15 reps

Bench press is so fun. Still working off of fake percentages. Like, 35# was obviously not 55%, but I was just warming up. And I just used my 60% from last week. I don’t know. For some reason it felt a lot easier this week. 

For Time:
800m Run
- then -
3 Rounds 
15 V-Ups
14 Strict Pull-Ups
- then - 
800m Run

My Time:20:59

So, the strict pull-ups were kind of a substitute for chest-to-bars. Which was what I planned on doing today. But I was told strict before chest-to-bars. Then halfway through the WOD it was like, if you usually kip you can do chest-to-bars. But it was too late for that. Next time, I’m just doing any kipping pull-ups. Also, my bands were all over the place. So, YOLO. V-ups were not the best, but whatever. The running after yesterday was just killer. My knee started to feel it on the second run a little. Just so much running these past two days.

April 6, 2014

For Time:
30 Clean and Jerks 95#
1 Mile Run
10 Rope Climbs 15’
1 Mile Run
100 Burpees

My Time:46:46

Walked in today. Saw this. Wish I didn’t go. My body told me not to go today, and I didn’t listen. I’m so sore from yesterday, and Friday, and every day ever. My back and hamstrings are sore from the deadlifts Friday, and the pistols made my butt sore. 

So, probably could have done the clean and jerks faster. No, definitely. Because I finished in like 7:30 and my Grace time is way lower than that. But I did all singles. But they weren’t even that hard. So I could have connected. The runs. Maybe slow, but I didn’t stop. That’s always my running goal. No matter what, no walking, no stopping. Always at least keeping a jog. The burpees I just felt a little light-headed. I feel like it was because I went from the fresh air outside to the mugginess inside. The air was just so blah. 

And I’m not sure, the ropes in my gym might not be 15’. I don’t know. But I did all 10. Also could have done these faster. I’m just getting so good at certain things that I don’t realize I don’t need to rest so much in between each one. Like, the clean and jerks. And these. Just examples from today. And burpees too, I guess. I can definitely go faster on a lot of things. Time to step my game up.

April 5, 2014: Open Gym

Not For Time:
2 Rounds: 
10 Ring Rows
5 Muscle-Up Transitions
        scale:medium-thickness green band
10 Ring Dips
        scale:thin red band

That’s right. Started working on muscle-ups today. I did a few transitions before starting this. So my arms were a little bit tired. The hardest part of the transition is the dip after. Trying to get myself extended on the rings. I also need to keep the rings really close. When I do that, the dip is so much easier! I know, Captain Obvious here, reporting for duty. 

Build to a Heavy Snatch:
My Max:95#

Tried 100#, then 105#, which is my PR. The 105# felt so ridiculously heavy today. I hit myself in the head with the bar. LOL I’m so funny. 

For Time:
50 Pistols

My Time:1:46

Can we just appreciate how fast this is? Please. I only had one no-rep. Other than that, I just went. No breaks. Just go. It’s going to be really hard to PR this again. Still think I can do it. And my legs don’t even get tired, dude. I could have kept going. Could have done 100…million. Haha, no but seriously. This is my best crossfit movement. Hands down.

Also, compare to August 20. Almost a minute off of my time (51 seconds). Sorry not sorry. I love pistols! And they’re in a WOD this week. Let’s get ready to rumble!

Toes to Bar

Was just waiting around for my friends so we could do the WOD below. Was hanging on the bar just bullshitting. And I was like… what if I could do a one toe toe-to-bar? Let’s forget about how weird I am for a second.. So one of the coaches saw me and was like.. “you need to push back.” Literally I pushed back and I started connecting. Literally I can connect toes to bars! I got 6 unbroken. I’m really excited about this.

7 Minute Clock:
100 Double Unders
- then - 
10 Dumbbell Hang Squat Cleans 25# (each arm)
20 Dumbbell Lunges 25# (each arm)

My Score: 1 + 26

Dumbbell movements are the worst for me. But seriously, got 80 double unders in a row! Unbroken! I could have kept going, like I didn’t trip on the rope, but my shoulders gave out. So, fuck yeah! I’m almost at 100 double unders! My double unders have been so on point this week! Yay!!!